Foreign Work in the Birmingham District from Presbyterian Standard on 1910-01-05

Foreign Work in the Birmingham District

Foreign Work in the Birmingham District
Notes: Foreign Work in the Birmingham District.—The mission is located at Ensley, and the school is conducted day and night. There are three teachers. In the kindergarten, department there are forty-five little foreigners being taught of Christ every day and the little children are much interested. Another grade has twenty-three boys and girls; they are beginning to sing in English, “What a’ Friend We Have in Jesus,” “Trust and Obey,” etc., and are also beginning to memorize Bible verses. Another grade with fifteen enrolled, is doing good work, being taught to pray. They have “Sabbath school” every day in the week except Saturday, having Sabbath afternoon and evening meetings. Let all who made promises at Synod for this cause send their offerings right away. We need badly a work at Bessemer among Italians. Send us a Christmas or New Year’s gift for the work—from $1.00 up. J. A. Bryan.

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