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Hi! My name is Jake Hanson, and I have spent a good portion of my free time over the last few years gathering all of the information I could get my hands on concerning the life and ministry of Brother Bryan of Birmingham. Like many, I was introduced to Brother Bryan from the 1934 biography, Religion in Shoes, and when I moved to Birmingham, I set out to find his statue right away. But what I have found is a man whose life and ministry was far deeper and extensive than I had first thought. I hope this site and the work that I have done helps to reintroduce the next generation to this great man of God

I am also working on a new biography of his life called Marked By Love. It is taking longer than I wanted it to, but what I have discovered is worthy of sharing. So, stay tuned!

If you have any resources you would like to share with me, I would love to share them with others. The one thing I have yet to find is a recording of his voice, which has been in existence in the last thirty years. If you know of any resources, please share them with me!

While I work to get this site up, and an email form that works, you can reach me at masterswordsmen AT gmail.com.