The Writings of Brother Bryan

Date Title Source Notes
1897-06-07 Eight Years Served as Pastor of the Third Presbyterian Church By J.A. Bryan Birmingham News Significant detail of Bryan's talk
1901-06-01 The General Assembly--1910 by J.A. Bryan Alabama Presbyterian
1908-10-07 Pentecost at Puncheon Camp by J.A. Bryan Presbyterian Standard
1908-11-27 Sermon Was Replete With The Spirit Birmingham News Partial transcript of sermon on Thanksgiving by Bryan
1909-06-07 Silver Set for Rev. J.A. Bryan: The People of Birmingham Show Appreciation of His Long Service Birmingham News Includes letter of thanks by Bryan "This morning I wish to thank from the depths of my heart, through the I press, the kind friends in the Blrming- ham district and In other sections of our country for many kind remembrances to me personally and to the work to which God has called me. The kind words from lips and letters and other tokens of friendship should I make me very humble and more faith-, ful to Christ and to the cry of humanity, The handsome sliver communion service presented at the close of yesterday mornings service by our friends outside of our membership was a very pleasant surprise to us all and also a great blessing. , "The Lord bless thee and keep thee The Lord make his face to shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee; the Lord lift up his countenance upon thee i and give thee peace. (Numbers 7,' 24, , 25, 26 ) Very sincerely, J. A. BRYAN"
1911-01-01 The Foreigner in the Birmingham District by J.A. Bryan Alabama Presbyterian
1911-05-01 Strong Appeal Is Made For Helpless Birmingham News Partial Transcript of message by Bryan "Oh for such a spirit now! Let us fold to our hearts our needy helpless, the sick, the robbed, beaten, bruised fellow man. Luke writes of the Christ as the compassionate one. He describes his low birth, so humble, and as a man walking about hunting the people who are lost to the world on the cold mountainside of sin."
1911-05-15 Man Cannot Live Alone From World Birmingham News Partial Transcript of sermon by Bryan
1911-05-29 Dr. Bryan Explains What Salvation Is Birmingham News Partial Transcript of sermon by Bryan, includes Discussion of Seek to Save The Lost, and "Some of you have come to Birmingham as..."
1911-07-03 Consecrated Life, Is Theme of Pastor Birmingham News Partial Transcript of sermon by Bryan
1911-07-17 Dr. Bryan Preached on Faith in Christ Birmingham News Partial Transcript of sermon by Bryan
1911-08-07 Selling Out Christ Dr. Bryan's Theme Birmingham News Partial Transcript of sermon by Bryan
1911-08-21 Church Thrives on Persecution Birmingham News Partial Transcript of sermon by Bryan
1911-10-23 Dr. J.A. Bryan Preaches Strong Sermon on Home Mission Work in Mountains of Eastern Kentucky Birmingham News Partial Transcript of Sermon by Bryan
1911-11-30 Do All In Name of Lord, Says Bryan Birmingham News Partial transcript of Sermon by Bryan for Thanksgiving
1911-12-18 Jefferson County Worse Than Breathitt--Bryan Birmingham News Partial Transcript of Sermon by Bryan
1912-03-01 Remembrances of Rev. H.C. Dubose, D.D. by J.A. Bryan Gulf States Presbyterian
1912-03-25 What Is Christ To You? Birmingham News Partial Transcript of sermon by Bryan
1912-05-13 Sermon for Mother's Day Birmingham News Partial Transcript of Sermon by Bryan
1912-06-03 Dr. Bryan Observes 23rd Anniversary Birmingham News Partial Transcript of sermon by Bryan
1912-08-12 Dr. Bryan Talks Upon Abimelech Birmingham News Partial Transcript of Sermon by Bryan
1912-08-19 Sermon for Dead Firemen Preached Birmingham News Partial Transcript of Sermon by Bryan
1913-01-15 Behold What Hath God Wrought by J.A. Bryan Presbyterian Standard
1913-02-16 Great Enthusiasm Aroused At Lunch for Business Men Birmingham News Includes address by Bryan
1913-06-11 We Must Sow Faster by J.A. Bryan Presbyterian Standard
1913-06-11 We Must Sow Faster by J.A. Bryan Presbyterian Standard
1913-07-09 We Must Sow Faster by J.A. Bryan Presbyterian of the South
1913-09-03 The South A Mission Field by J.A. Bryan Presbyterian Standard
1913-10-22 A Great Transformation by J.A. Bryan Presbyterian Standard Heidelburg, KY
1914-03-05 Fruit for Christ in the Cumberlands by J.A. Bryan Gulf States Presbyterian
1914-03-11 Fruit for Christ in The Cumberland by J.A. Bryan Presbyterian Standard
1914-11-04 Stuart Robinson Memorial College by J.A. Bryan Presbyterian Standard See Newspaper clip from 19141010 school had just been founded
1915-01-06 The Stuart Robinson Memorial College by J.A. Bryan Presbyterian of the South
1915-02-17 Home Missions--North Alabama Presbytery by J.A. Bryan Presbyterian Standard
1915-10-20 Hazard, KY by Bryan Presbyterian of the South
1916-01-26 Work Among Foreigners by J.A. Bryan Presbyterian Standard
1916-05-24 Report on Italian work By J.A. Bryan Presbyterian of the South "Rev. J.A. Bryan has oversight of these stations. Rev. Angelo Mastrotto, a Waldensian minister, is pastor, and Rev. Emory Washburn having volunteered for Italian work, is assisting in the work while studying the language. "The following report of Rev. J.A. Bryan gives account for the year of the different stations and workers. "The organized Presbyterian Church at Ensley is among Italians, is paid for in full, buildings and furnishings, and has a membership of 28, 22 being residents, 6 in the European war. It received seven men this year on profession of faith and baptised eight children. Rev. Angelo Mastrotto is pastor of the church and evangelist among the Italian people of the district. He visits the people, conducts night schools in Italian four nights each week." "The day school wtih 20 bright children of foreigners, is more regularly attended than in any previous year. We have also a kindergarten, and a night school for men at Ensley, Sunday-schools at Steel Mill Quarters, Thomas Furnace and Pratt City, with a day school at the latter place."
1917-01-24 Birmingham by J.A. Bryan Presbyterian Standard "God has continued His blessing on the work being done in the name of His Son in the Birmingham District during the year among the foreigners. "First. The work of the organized Italian Church has made real progress. Fifteen grown persons have been added to the roll of the church on profession of faith in Jesus, double the number received last year; two by letter. The seed, which is the word, is being faithfully sown in the hearts of these children. Rev. Angello Mastrollo has been the pastor for the year, but has accepted other work in Pennsylvania. His salary, $75 per month, was paid by the General Assembly's Committee. Rev. E.E. Washburn, a graduate of Union Seminary, has been studying the Italian language for two years, and takes up the work as left by Rev. Angello Mastrollo. The church has a resident membership of twenty-seven, the Sunday School has an attendance of thirty-eight. "Second. In connection with the work of the organized church at this point, we have under God two day and one night school at this point, we have under God two day and one night school. One (day school) is a splendid kindergarten work. The kindergarten conducted in the Settlement or Mission House has had an enrollment of fifty children, thirty-three in attendance; four nationalities. In the department Miss Rebecca Painter has prayed, sung, taught, visited. The children are very bright. They memorize verses and the Child's Catechism rapidly. Her salary, $25 per month, is paid by Assembly's Committee. IN this same building Miss Flora Dubose has a room of large Italian children, twenty-five in attendance regularly. The Bible is the chief text-book. The children in both of these rooms are interested and attend more regularly than in previous years. The parents are more interested and aid in their way the teachers. Miss Dubose is paid $25 each month by local Presbyterian Church societies. "Third. The Night School—Miss Agnes Averyt is the faithful teacher. She teaches the boys and the men English, but the main object is to lead them to Jesus. She meets the class three evenings each week. Thirteen in attendance. Her salary, $13.20 per month, is paid by the 'Steel Corporation.' "The sewing and cooking school classes are well-attended and good work is being done in this department of the work. Needed repairs have been made on the building, needed painting has been done. "Fourth. The Pratt City Mission Among Foreigners—This work is conducted in a comfortable rented building. Miss Ramelle Anderson is the patient teacher and missionary. Her salary, $25, is paid by the Assembly's Committee. Here is a splendid day school of twenty-five pupils, Sunday School of thirty. This is a very needy district. Impressions are being made for Christ, characters made. "Fifth. At Thomas Furnace we have just begun the work of having an afternoon Sunday School among the Italian children. This is seed planting time at this station. A worker for every day in the week is needed here. The Sunday School numbers thirty-one." JAB
1919-01-26 Mary E. Wagensler Birmingham News Eulogy printed by Bryan
1920-12-25 Dr. J.A. Bryan Sends Christmas Greetings To News Employes Birmingham News Letter by Bryan printed
1921-06-19 Dr. Bryan Joins In Relief Appeal; Tells of Distress He Sees Daily Birmingham News Appeal by Bryan: I know that the people of Birmingham have warm and generous hearts and that they will come to the relief in this emergency. I only wish all our people could know the real conditions of privation which have come to my attention during the last few weeks. Of course we always hate a few people who are unfortunate and through sickness and other misfortune, are in need, even in times of prosperity. "But conditions now are very grave. Many families which had saved a reasonable amount for a 'rainy day are now in distress. It was not their fault, but they have been out of work for so long they have nothing to eat except what is given them. It pains them deeply to ask for aid. Only necessity and the distress of their wives and children forces them to accept help. Most of our people dont know liow general unemployment is in our city and district. 1 preach eacn dav at shops and industries in different parts of the city and recently many of tiiese meetings have been called off because there were no men employed to hear me. These people who are in need are anxious to work but they can get nothing to dd. I have tried to get places for many of them but have succeeded in only a few instances. "I have calls at my home and church every day and I visit many of these families and I know their conditions. They must have help and have It at once. This is a grave emergency and I know that the generous heart of Birmingham will not see them suffer privation, hunger and illness without assistance. -ile I was attending the meeting the relief committee Friday, a pi eminent man there gave me a bill to use In helping people.'' I was glad he did, for when I reached home I found that several people In destitute circumstances had called In my absence and some of them had no food for that day. I was able with the money this gentleman gave me to tide them over for a brief period. "Many of us have very little to give but who would not make a sacrifice to save his neighbor from suffering and his neighbors children from want a distress? God will reward the i....u or woman or 'child who ministers to the needs of the unfortunate in this grave crisis. M prayer is that all might know the conditions as I know them. If they did, the gifts would be ample to meet all needs."
1923-04-21 What Dr. Bryan Thinks of Bible Column in News Birmingham News By Bryan
1923-05-10 Dr. Bryan Adds Plea for Hospital Fund Birmingham News By Bryan
1923-12-23 Pastor Sends Out Christmas Reminder Birmingham News Note by Bryan
1924-07-23 "The Romance of Home Missions" review by J.A. Bryan Presbyterian Standard
1927-01-05 The Night Congregation by J.A. Bryan Presbyterian Standard
1927-04-20 Church stats by Bryan Presbyterian Standard 227 profession of faith "For these great blessings this church is very grateful to God, and is praying to go forward, for Jesus Christ. This is far ahead of any work this church has accomplished for the Lord, and it is a call for us to do more."
1927-04-20 Christ Needed Today sermon by J.A. Bryan with article Presbyterian Standard
1927-07-17 "I Accept With Gratitude Gift of Rest Given By My Friends" —Bryan Birmingham News Letter By Bryan
1927-08-14 Brother Bryan Impressed With Wonders of Geneva As Peace Center Birmingham News By Bryan
1927-08-21 Rome Convinces Dr. Bryan Anew That Bible Records Historical Facts Birmingham News By Bryan
1927-08-31 Some of Scotland's Great Ones by J.A. Bryan Presbyterian Standard "My body, my brain, my eyes, are in the British Isles this evening; my heart is really in Birmingham, Alabama, with the work I love better than my life. I beg all my friends in Alabama to rededicate their lives to Christ, my Life, niy All, My King."
1927-08-31 Presbyterian Standard
1927-09-04 Birmingham Pastor Is Approaching Goal On Voyage To Holy Land Birmingham News By Bryan
1928-02-22 Bro. Bryan Opposes Sunday Movies Birmingham News Letter to Editor by Bryan
1928-03-12 A Splendid Article Birmingham News Letter to the Editor by Bryan regarding the death and article written about F.W. Dixon. Really lovely tribute, and shows his good writing style when needed. The article referenced is file 19280306 The_Birmingham_News_Tue__Mar_6__1928_2.jpg
1931-01-31 Come to Church and Sunday School by J.A. Bryan Labor Advocate
1931-08-16 Bryan Grateful For Office of Chaplain (Bryan writing) Birmingham News By Bryan
1938-07-28 Brother Bryan Expresses Gratitude Birmingham News By Bryan